I'm Brenda

After reflecting upon personal experiences and witnessing the unique journeys of motherhood in my own family, I felt compelled to establish the §chool of ℞oe. It has taken time for me to find a sense of purpose and channel my passion towards rectifying the existing gaps in reproductive healthcare.

Sadly, many non-viable pregnancies, such as miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, blighted ovums, molar pregnancies, and gestational trophoblastic disease, are not adequately addressed by current state laws. Additionally, the laws fail to address the distressing realities faced by women and girls who have been raped by partners, family members, or strangers.

As someone who has personally faced such challenges, I am resolute in my belief that women should have full autonomy over their bodies and reproductive choices, without interference from others.

The §chool of ℞oe aims to address these injustices and provide support and education to empower women in reclaiming control over their lives.


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